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The work of the Forest Lifeforce Restoration Trust would not be possible without the input from, and guidance of, a great many individuals and organisations. We are grateful for this support and would like to recognise, in particular, the contribution made by the following:


Tasti Products indirectly funds most of the Trust’s project work. The staff of Tasti also contribute a great deal of time through volunteer work on our various projects.


Kiwis for kiwi is a fully independent charity that protects kiwi and their natural habitat with the support of all New Zealanders. We are indebted to Kiwis for kiwi for the moral, financial and intellectual support they have extended towards our efforts over the years.


The success of the Maungataniwha Kiwi Project simply would not have been possible without the advice, guidance and expertise of the team at the National Kiwi Hatchery Aotearoa in Rotorua, who
incubate the eggs from Maungataniwha and provide invaluable support in the area of kiwi husbandry.


The Council has supplied us with much-needed traps to assist with pest control and has also funded the aerial application of 1080 poison to help control pest populations on our properties.


Wild Side Cider is an exciting addition to The Boundary Road Brewery's brand stable. Of each bottle sold, five cents is donated to the Trust to help finance several of our projects, particularly the Maungataniwha Kiwi Project and our work around native forest conversion and restoration.


Our friendships and partnerships with the managers and staff at the Department of Conservation are what enable us to do what we do. DOC has always been, and remains, integral to our entire operation. Support, guidance, expertise and administrative advice are always on tap and form the foundation of every project we are involved in and every development we undertake.


DOC provides significant funding for some of our projects through The Biodiversity Condition Fund.


The Cape Sanctuary is a vital partner in many of our conservation efforts, providing not only the all-important protection and shelter for the kiwi hatched from Maungataniwha eggs, but also a great deal of the expertise that enables and facilitates our various fauna-based projects.

Cape Sanctuary staff also consistently volunteer their time on a wide range of our projects and initiatives.


Much of the government funding for several of our more far-reaching projects is sourced through the Ministry. We are grateful for its recognition of the value of our work and for its continued support.


OSPRI is a partnership between primary industries and the government, and manages two national programmes - NAIT and TBfree. NAIT provides the national animal identification and traceability system and TBfree aims to eradicate bovine TB from New Zealand.


WildLight Photography celebrates nature in photographic images. Facilitating appreciation and understanding of conservation through education, images are widely used in educational resources, both printed and online. While predominantly focused on birds of New Zealand including the Subantarctic Islands, a growing archive includes fauna from Antarctica, Australia and South Africa.

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