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  • Financial


Doing what we do costs money. We are tremendously grateful for the financial and material support we receive from all our partners – quite literally we could not do it without them. If your organisation is interested in joining our team of partners, we would welcome a chance to talk to you about how we could structure your involvement to your best advantage. Please contact us today!


  • Expertise

We’re always on the lookout for expertise in any of our project areas. If you or your organisation are able to contribute to any of the work we do on any of our properties , please contact us today!


  • Research


We encourage approaches from organisations wishing to use our properties for research, or looking for research partners in areas that coincide with our primary interests. Our four properties on both the North and South Islands cover a diverse range of ecosystems.

For example, Crown Research Institute Scion and the Institute of Forest Growth (IFG) at the Albert Ludwig’s University in Freiburg, Germany, used our property in the Maungataniwha Native Forest to investigate climate change impacts on European Beech forests, comparing these with our Southern Beech forests in New Zealand’s relatively unpolluted environment.

Please feel free to contact us if you feel we might be able to help.

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