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17 December 2023 - New Zealand Geographic

Dinosaurs Rising

5 December 2023 - Gisborne Herald

‘Weird’ kiwi nesting behaviour noticed

18 July 2023 - Wairoa Star

Unearthing the Past

9 July 2023 - One News

Cyclone-ravaged riverbeds bring buried fossils to the surface


19 June 2023 - Otago Daily Times

Hawke's Bay fossils found after cyclone like a giant has stamped about

18 June 2023 - Radio New Zealand

Hawke's Bay fossils found after cyclone: 'It's like a giant has walked down the stream-bed'

16 June 2023 - Hawkes Bay Today

Hawke’s Bay fossil finds: Cyclone Gabrielle’s scouring uncovers trove set to rewrite NZ record

16 June 2023 - Stuff

Possible ancient sea monster fossils among treasure trove revealed by Cyclone Gabrielle floodwaters

24 May 2023 - Sunlive

Kiwi hatchery celebrates record number of chicks

23 May 2023 - Stuff

DOC to raise concerns with Miami Zoo over treatment of kiwi


5 April 2023 - Hawkes Bay Today

Simon Hall is creating NZ’s largest private conservation estate

1 April 2023 - Radio New Zealand

Simon Hall: creating NZ’s largest private conservation estate

28 March 2023 - Gisborne Herald

Successful and repeatable

28 February 2023 - Forest and Bird

Right Royal Rescue


20 October 2021 - Gisborne Herald

‘Beyond grateful’ for donation: Cash boost to help native forest regeneration initiative at Maungataniwha


24 May 2021 - Hawkes Bay Today

Moa bone believed to be 700 years old found in Hawke's Bay bush

18 February 2021 - Hawkes Bay Today

Kiwi chicks hatching by the dozens in Hawke's Bay this summer




24 September 2022 - Stuff

What I learned fossil hunting in remote northern Hawke's Bay

21 July 2022 - Hawkes Bay Today

Migrating Hawke's Bay kiwi discover promised land

10 July 2022 - Gisborne Herald

On the hunt


8 July 2022 - Hawkes Bay Today

Novice fossil hunter spots important find in Hawke's Bay fossil hotspot

8 July 2022 - Stuff

Hunting trip leads to discovery of 'a bit of bone that’s million of years old'

14 April 2022 - Hawkes Bay Today

Rare whio return to Hawke's Bay at Maungataniwha

20 March 2022 - Hawkes Bay Today

Record egg haul for Hawke's Bay kiwi project

18 March 2022 - Hawkes Bay Today

Sharp-eyed fossil finder unearths Maungataniwha treasure

4 Feb 2022 - Hawkes Bay Today

Local biodiversity grant helps mistletoe recovery



29 September 2020 - Gisborne Herald

High hopes for nesting season

18 September 2020 - NZ Herald

Kiwi nesting season off to a flying start (not literally) in Hawke's Bay

30  July 2020 - SunLive

Hungry kiwi turn their backs on second eggs

27 July 2020 - Hawke's Bay Today

Dry spell curbs kiwi romance in Hawke's Bay

26 July 2020 - RNZ

Kiwis' failure to propagate an 'instinctive reaction' to drought

21 July 2020 - The Country

Rare native mistletoe makes 'staggering' Hawke's Bay comeback


27 December 2019 - The New Zealand Herald

Giant tooth was a giant marine reptile's: Hawke's bay's 'astonishing' fossil find celebrated


7 September - One News Now

Plight of the kiwi looking up after boosted efforts from conservationists

5 August - The New Zealand Herald

Hatching a plan: How a Hawke's Bay trust took kiwi survival rates from 5 per cent to 72 per cent

5 August -

New crop of kiwi returning to Hawke’s Bay forests


29 June -

Kiwi search brings more birds into the fold


18 June - The New Zealand Herald

Birdlife faces hammering from predators


16 June - Sunlive

Rat numbers set to explode in NZ forests



27 June - Radio New Zealand

Restoring Forest Life


19 June - Hawke's Bay Today
Kevin the kiwi released in 'hopeful moment'


3 March -Hawke's Bay Today

$18,000 grant boosts predator control efforts



13 October 2015 - Gisborne Herald

New sanctuary for Lake Waikaremoana

28 July - NZ Herald

Rachel Hunter fights for the kiwis


1 July -

Kiwi count points to progress


8 April - Radio NZ 'Afternoons'

Strong man of the bush marks kiwi conservation milestone


7 April -

Mother and son reunion marks special conservation milestone


7 April -

Mother and son reunion marks special conservation milestone


7 April -

200th kiwi chick released in Hawke's Bay forest


6 April - Maori Television

200th kiwi released back into wilderness


6 April - Hawke's Bay Today

Emotional day as 200th kiwi released


27 March - Hawke's Bay Today

Nasty predator's teeth found in forest



1 August - Northland Age

Stunning battler has come home


1 August - The Bay Chronicle

Rare species takes root


29 July - Bay of Plenty Times

Island provides seeds of hope


29 July - Northern Advocate

Island provides seeds of hope


8 July -

DNA tests raise hope for elusive native plant


27 February - Radio NZ National

Hopes rare plant will thrive in the wild



11th November - Sunday Star Times

The business of saving species


26th October - Hawkes Bay Today

Rare plants struggle to make a come back


24th October - Hawkes Bay Today

Forest refugees come home to Cape


28th July - Daily Post

Stage set for return of nature


18th July - Hawkes Bay Today

Wheel now turning full circle on Forests


17th July - Daily Post

Kiwis are blessed before release


19th June - Sunday Star-Times

Wintry kiwi baffle experts


19th June - Hawkes Bay Today
Trust's bird release down to a fine art


19th June - Hawkes Bay Today

Kiwi surprise trust with pair of late season eggs


11th June -Hawkes Bay Today

Rare Whio found living in Hawkes Bay


10th June - The Herald on Sunday

Surprise find of endangered Blue Ducks


15th May - Coast & Country news

Conserving native flora and fauna


13th February - Dominion Post

Hunter sends Kiwi into wild


13th February - The New Zealand Herald

Rachel sends 100th Kiwi on his way


13th February - The Press

Kiwi kissed off to forest


30 November -

Early flowers point to hot dry summer


12 November - Gisborne Herald

Forest back in native species


21 August -

New crop of kiwi set to return to Hawke’s Bay forests


20 June - Forest and Bird magazine, Winter edition

Pine No More


14 April - The New Zealand Herald

Local specialist Tamsin Ward-Smith joins Mangataniwha Kiwi Project


7 April - Hawke’s Bay Today

Kiwi with special connection to Sir Paul McCartney released into wild


6 April -

Conservation trust snares specialist support

23 January 2018 - Gisborne Herald

Bumper crop of kiwi eggs at Maungataniwha



25 October - Hawke's Bay Today

Kiwi project given boost to funding


22 October - Hawke's Bay Today

Kiwi find safe haven at Cape Sanctuary


15 August - Sun Live

Fears for kiwi hatchlings


15 August - TVNZ

Special mission to rescue unhatched kiwi after cold snap



3 November - NZ Woman's Weekly

Hemi wings it!


22 October - The Southland Times

Hollyford trust seeks council funding


15 October - Northland Age

Life and limb risked for rarest seeds


5 October - Daily Post, Rotorua Bay of Plenty

Saving species worth the risks


1 October - Whio Forever

First wild Whio ducklings hatch


30 September - Conservation Blog (DOC)

Update from DOC D-G Lou Sanson


22 September - Conservation Blog (DOC)

Keep an eye out for Kakabeak


22 September - What's up, DOC?

Hunters and trampers urged to report sightings of rare Kakabeak this Spring


22 September -

Kiwi conservationists on trend alert


11 September - Conservation Blog (DOC)

Hunters and trampers urged to report sightings of rare kakabeak this spring


9 September - Business Scoop

Bush-goers asked to report sightings of endangered plant


6 September - The New Zealand Herald

Kiwi bird hatched after 78 days of incubation


9 June - Hutt News

Fossil find gives collection boost


9 June - Hawke's Bay Today

Fossil found in Hawke's Bay


9 June - The New Zealand Herald

Dinosaur-era fossil discovered in Hawkes Bay stream bed


9 June - Archaeology News Network

Geologists 'trip over' large ammonite fossil in New Zealand


9 June - Morning Report, Radio New Zealand

Giant fossil found by NZ Paleontologists


31 May - The Home & Garden Show, Radio Live

Saving Rare Species Like The Kakabeak


24 April - Our Changing World', Radio New Zealand

Saving Kakabeak in the wild'


19 April - Hawke's Bay Today

Dry conditions may affect bay Kiwis' shrinking eggs


4 April - Our Changing World', Radio New Zealand Herald

Dinosaur fossils in Hawke's Bay'


24 March - The New Zealand Herald 

Endangered ducks thrive in Hawke's Bay waterways


Feb - Forest & Bird magazine

Kakabeak making a come back


17 Jan - Element magazine

Whio? Whew! River rafters on the hunt for ducks



26 April -

Remarkable new discoveries of kakabeak



March - Alfresco Magazine

Where the Wild Things Are

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