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Maungataniwha Native Forest comprises 6,120 hectares of native forest straddling the ridge system between the Te Hoe and Waiau Rivers in northern Hawkes Bay. It is bordered to the north by Te Urewera and to the west by the Whirinaki Conservation Forest, both part of an extensive area of native forest which is publicly-owned land administered by the Department of Conservation. Its southern neighbour is the Maungataniwha Pine Forest.

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Maungataniwha Pine Forest Regeneration 3


This 6,294 hectare forest abutting the southern boundary of the Maungataniwha Native Forest was purchased by our Chairman Simon Hall in 2006.

4,015 hectares were planted with Pinus radiata trees. These have all now been harvested and we are in the process of restoring this land to its native state.


Pohokura comprises 11,348 hectares of native forest north of the Napier-Taupo highway in the Central North Island. The area is predominantly covered in Red Beech forest but fourteen vegetation types have been identified.

We have established good back-country infrastructure here, necessary for continued project work.

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This is a 23-hectare property situated in the north-western corner of Lake McKerrow, in the Fiordland National Park, approximately four kilometres inland from the coast at Martins Bay.

The property is bordered to the south by the lake, which is part of the national park. On its three other boundaries it’s surrounded by public conservation land; the Pyke Forest administered by the Department of Conservation. 


The Trust’s property at Port Pegasus was the site of Louis Rogers’ hotel and post office in the late 1800s during the Tin Range mining rush. The old Surveyor's Track, which provided access up into the Tin Range, runs through the property.

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